rye vodka 40 %

Vodka prepared from a high quality neutral grain spirit and natural spring water. Pure, subtly noticeable note of rye, with a neutral bouquet, with just the faintest earthy whiff and mild, long-lasting sweetness on the finish.


potato vodka 50 %

Vodka with a perfectly harmonized taste. The base is a potato spirit with natural purity. Despite the high alcohol content due to a special production and filtration process, this vodka has a very subtle flavor profile with the traditional sweetness.


honey vodka 40 %

Traditionally flavoured vodka based on natural honey. The sweetness is tempered with a spicy bouquet. Semi-dry, warming, with a characteristic aroma and taste.


cherry liqueur 30 %

Liqueur made from natural cherries and a dash of aromatic spices, sweetened and properly aged.


herbal liqueur 50 %

Piołunowka liqueur has long been known as a “medicinal tincture”. The secret of this liqueur is a sophisticated blend of several herbs and root spices with a distinct note of wormwood. Bitterness and sweetness clearly emphasise the taste of the beverage.


walnut liqueur 36 %

The base of this liqueur are natural green walnuts, with a subtle hint of herbs and spices. It owes its flavor and aroma to the ageing process.